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Friday, May 1, 2020

Syllabus of Full Stack-2 Using NodeJs

Module-1 [Content Link]

MongoDB: Introduction to MongoDB, MongoDB Environment, MongoDB Create Database, MongoDB Drop Database, MongoDB Create Collection, MongoDB Drop Collection, MongoDB Read Operations, MongoDB Write Operations, MongoDB Data Modeling, MongoDB Administration.


Module-2 [Content Link]

React.js : Welcome to Starting with React, React Components, React State and Props, React Event Handling, Working with the Forms, Routing in React, React flux vs Redux, & Styling React and React App Deployment.


Module-3 [Content Link]

Node.js: Introduction to Node JS, Setup Dev Environment, Node Core, Node Modules, Creating Web server, File System, Debugging Node JS Application, Automation and Deployment, Events & Database connectivity.

Express Framework: Introduction to Express Framework, Introduction to Nodejs, what is Nodejs, Getting Started with Express, Express Routing, Implementing MVC in Express, Middleware, Using Template Engines, Error Handling, API Handling, Debugging, Developing Template Engines, Using Process Managers, Security & Deployment.