Monday, August 2, 2021

Why FullStack Web Development?

If students know coding and love to do programming that’s good but these qualities are not enough to get the best Job. Because now companies are looking for logical minds with a wide range of skills. They don’t deal with the conservative candidates. So students need to prepare themselves accordingly and keep themselves updated with the latest technological advancement and the software or applications companies are working on.

Well! We are breathing in a revolutionized world where everything is digitized, and where the Internet is the need of the hour for everyone. Businesses are moving to an online platform to promote their brands and outreach the customer globally. This technology advancement has impacted the whole world and brings the latest amendments every other day in the software programs. That’s why more and more people want to learn Web Development and adept career as a Web Developer as most of the organizations are looking forward to Front-End developer, Back-End developer, PHP Developer, (.)Net developer, Cloud Architect, Devops Engineer and many more. 

The demand for Full-stack Developers is on the rise. And companies are in desperate need of talented professionals who can work with both Front-End and back-End due to which their demand is hiking. According to the research, there is a 20% growth in demand for Full-stack developer compared to the last couple of years.

However, Full-stack Developer holds various skills and knowledge of languages like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, and React which comes under front-end development. For back-end, they also possess knowledge regarding NodeJs, Express, phyton, Java, PHP, and multiple databases such as MongoDB, SQL, etc. The role of the full-stack developer is to look at every aspect of software development within an organization.



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