Friday, May 1, 2020

Syllabus of PHP Scripting Language

BCSE0254: PHP Scripting Language

Module No-1

PHP Basics: Introduction to PHP, Basic Syntax of PHP, Embedding PHP in HTML, Comments, Variables, Constants, Managing Variables, Operators and Operator Precedence and String Manipulation functions.
Conditional Control Structures: If statement, If- else statement, If- else if statement, Nested If, Switch statement.
Functions in PHP: Functions, User-Defined function, Call by value and call by references, Understanding variable scope, Global Variables, Static Variables, Include and Require, Built-in functions in PHP.
Module No-2

Arrays: Arrays and its types in PHP, Accessing Elements of an Array, Modifying Elements of an Array, Functions in array, Array Sorting, Multidimensional Array.
PHP File Handling: Introduction, File Open, File Creation, writing to files, Reading from File, searching a record from a file, Closing a File.
Class and Object: Introduction, Object, Class, Defining Class in PHP, Object in PHP, Usage of this variable, Constructor, Constructor with Parameters.
Exception Handling: Introduction to Exception, Exception Handling mechanisms, Creating Custom Exceptions, Multiple Catch Blocks, Exception Propagation, Error Handling in PHP.

Module No-3

Form  Handling  and  Session  Management  in  PHP:  Accessing  and  displaying  Form  data  from different Form components, Differences among $_GET, $_POST and $_REQUEST variables, Session management,  Session  operations,  Session  tracking  mechanism,  Clearing/Modifying  data  from session,  Destroying  a  session,  Setting  and  Retrieving  Cookies,  Uploading  a  file,  displaying  its details,  restricting  various  details  of  a  file  during  upload,  checking  for  errors  and  reading  Error code table.
Database  Management:  Introduction  to  DBMS,  SQL  Basics,  Database  connectivity  in  PHP  with MySQL, Executing Queries from frontend.
XML: Introduction to XML, Parsing XML document using DOM parser, Various operations on XML document using PHP.